We're seventeen days into our trip and we're on the loop back home. 
As I said yesterday, we weren't able to spend the night in the park, we could find any hotels, so we drove back from Hinton, Alberta to the gate at Jasper. 
Today we drove down along the Icefields Parkway, I'm still stunned by the twists and turns long the road and every where you can stop to admire a part of the land scape. 

We stopped along the Columbia Glacier, Overlander Pass, Lake Moriane, Lake Louise. I still can't get over the turquoise blue of the glacial lakes. I went in up to my knees, the water is freezing! 




We stopped in briefly in Banff, but continued to Calgary where we spent the night, if I had endured a little bit further I could have gotten us back to my Uncles place, but it would have been well after midnight by the time we got there. 

Here are the pics for the day

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