My brothers and I are in full swing of our road trip, we've made our way to the West Coast and we're in Seattle for a few days.

Here is a short video of Pikes Market

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We packed up from our shady hotel (and I don't mean a place away from the sun) and drove to downtown Seattle.
We were able to find another hotel for the next few nights to use as our base camp, we were lucky, they had a couple of consecutive nights available for use.

It has a great view of Seattle's Space Needle, and it's a short walk to the Armory with the mono-rail, which will take us into the Seattle Core.

We spent the day checking out some of the sights and sounds, we took in the Aquarium, Pikes Place, and we got to try a tall cup of joe from the first Starbucks.

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Day of Nine of our road trip started early.
Today we're heading south down to Seattle, this will be our first time in the Pacific North West of the United States.

We traveled from Lacombe down to Calgary, and continued along Highway 3, to the Crownest Pass.

We crossed into British Columbia, followed the highway through Fernie, Cranbrook. We eventually crossed into the United States via a border crossing in Idaho, our crossing was quite pleasant, a few quick questions and we were back on the highway towards Seattle.

We drove along the Columbia river into Washington state, I was stunned by the natural beauty of the landscape. I still can't get past the idea this part of the US is almost a desert.

We made it into Seattle safe and sound, but really late at night, we're staying a shady part of town. I just hope it's a safe place to sleep, and we can find a better hotel in the morning.

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Another lazy day in Lacombe,

We met up with our Cousin Jon-Ross, we went down to Blackfalds to visit his store. 
Jon-Ross is going to be getting married a week or so, Jonathan is one of the the groomsmen, so part of our Road Trip involves Jonathan being back in Lacombe for the wedding.

We also, had to make a trip down to Red Deer to get Jonathan fitted for his rental suit

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Today we were on route to Edmonton for an afternoon of exploring.

We visited West Edmonton Mall, while it was interesting to see one of the largest malls in North America, it was a bit disappointing. The mall had 3 of the same stores, but hey, at least I got to say I went there.

Plus there's a gun range that we can visit, if I go back in the future, I may spend a bit more time there and maybe spend a bit of money.

After visiting the mall, we traveled around Edmonton, we stopped off a the Rexall Center so we can get picture with the Great One. 

We (mostly me) visited a few of the gun stores around the city, as well as Cabela's