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Today was a lazy day in Lacombe, after driving nearly 4000 km's from Mississauga, it's nice to take a day off from driving.

We stayed in Lacombe, and did a bit of exploring, but this was exploring was mostly walking around.

Lacombe does have a great pizza place, Pizza King. I think Pizza and beer has been a staple of our road trip diet.

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It's day five of our Road Trip and we're finally in Calgary.

We parked in the city (lost my truck, but more on that in a few minutes), I went to the company office to visit the Calgary 800 Data Center.
After visiting the office we grabbed a bite at one of my favorite Shawarma place, Shawarma King. Getting back to loosing my truck, I forgot where I had parked it. I'm not used to the city of Calgary, so I got turned around, it took us a while to find where I had parked it.

I was finally able to visit the Calgary 930 Data Center location, and get a quick tour of the building.

This was our last stop before heading out to Lacombe and my families place. After nearly 4000Km on the road, we're at our relatives place and it's good to have a somewhere to rest our bones. 

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During our road trip we were able to meet up with our cousin Bill in Moose Jaw for a night.
It was great seeing him and catching up, it's been a year since we last saw him in 2011 when driving through while helping our uncle move to Lacombe Alberta.

We fell short on our goal of making it to Lacombe before the end of the day, we settled down in Strathmore Alberta for the evening.

Gonna enjoy a few beers and tv with my brothers

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Day Three of our Road Trip, we left Steinbach, Manitoba and set course for Saskatchewan. 

Prior to leaving the province of Manitoba, we visited the Royal Canadian Mint, and this year (unlike last year) we were able to take the tour of the mint and see how our coinage is minted. 

After leaving the mint, we set course for my cousin Bill's place in Moose Jaw. 

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We've started the second leg of our journey, today we are leaving Long Lac, Ontario and on our way to the Manitoba border. 

We managed to get Stienbach Manitoba where we will bunker down for the night, before heading out on the next leg of our trip. 

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Day One of Road Trip 2012.

Today we drove from from Mississauga, Ont to Long Lac, Ont.

A roughly 1150 Km drive, with stops made in Hunstville, Cochrane, Kapuskasing, Ontario.