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The day started much like every other day, we're up early and start packing up our gear getting ready to head out from the hotel and get back onto the road. 

We left Nanaimo and started to drive inland on Vancouver Island towards Tofino. I can't get over how spectacular the island is, everywhere you look there's just raw natural beauty to catch your eyes. 

We stopped off briefly in Port Alberni to check out the tourist center before continuing on our trip to Tofino. 

Mom, Dad if you're reading this, we're doing alright and a post card is inbound from the West West West Coast of Canada. 

We made our way down to a couple of the beaches and finally saw the pacific. 

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It's time to head north of the 49th and get back into Canuckistan!

We're heading out of Seattle, and on our way to Vancouver Island, we will be taking the ferry from Anacortes Washington to  Sidney, British Columbia. 
It's my first time in the Pacific Ocean and the weather and view didn't disappoint. 

After landing on Vancouver Island we needed to bunk down for the night, it took a while, but we managed to find a hotel in Nanaimo. 
Tomorrow we're on our way to Tofino!

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We're in Seattle for our 3rd and last full day, again trying to squeezing in as much of the scenery as possible. 
We started the day by grabbing the mono-rail downtown so we can check out the tour of the underground. Seattle shady and buried past. 

We also walked down to Pikes Place again to walk the mall, grab another cup of coffee from the first Starbucks, we then went back to the Space Needle for an observation during the day. 

A little less memorizing then at night, but it was nice to see a 360 degree of the city. 

We finished off our last night by visiting the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. I'm not a big fan of Art, but I can appreciate the beauty of this display. 

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One of the spots we were told to visit is the Museum of Flight. 

It's a Museum that showcases the development of the air and space industries, as well as a monument to the innovations of flight, everything from commercial, research to weapons of war. 
My brothers and I spent about 5 hours there wandering every hall of the Museum, we ended up taking hundreds of pictures of all of the displays. It's an amazing day long experience. 

Continuing our adventures in Seattle here are a few videos of the Space Needle

The first is a time lapse video of the Space Needle, as seen from our hotel room


The Second video is the Elevator ride down from the top of the Space Needle, I wish I had gotten a video from the top of the Space Needle as well.

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Another busy day exploring Seattle, we took in the Museum of Flight (I will post a separate article for that, just because they're so many pictures). 
We tried to visit as many sites as possible around the hotel, finally went up to the top of the Space Needle and looked out over the Seattle Night life, what a view!

I think tomorrow we may check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, it's at the base of the Space Needle and at night it looks impressive. 

Here are the pics of the day