We're back on the road again today, driving down through Jasper National park into Banff National park. 

If you want to feel small amount the giants, then this is the drive for you, winding highway, with bountiful forests and rivers where ever you look. 

All while being dwarfed by the mighty towering rocky mountains. 

We managed to get a bit of sight seeing into today, along the highway we stopped off and took in the Athabasca falls, 

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Roland and I are back on the road again, today we left Kelowna, BC and we made it as far as Jasper, AB. 

This is my second time visiting Jasper National park, and I keep forgetting just how beautiful this part of Canada is. 
It's endless rugged beauty, rivers, streams, forest and mountains. One can both literally and figuratively loose themselves in the park. 

As usual after a long day of driving Roland and I were able to find a hotel, more like a hole in the wall. The room here was tiny barely enough space for two people and navigating into the washroom was a bit of an adventure. But any place with a somewhat comfortable bed is still a good place to crash for the night. 

We did a bit of exploring, check out a couple of local restaurants for dinner, followed by another dinner....yes that's right, we're fat bastards. Why have one meal with two back to back will do, haha.

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One the restaurants we visited featured a spectacular game meat menu, I had the braised bison ribs (picture from above) in a saskatoon berry reduction. Roland had an elk steak, with the same saskatoon berry reduction. It was a fantastic meal. Then we headed over to a bar for some beers and yup another meal. 

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day_9 (22)

Thus far Vancouver is the only city that we've spent more then one night in, there's been other cities that we would have liked to explore a bit more, but every day you spend somewhere, is one less day less you have to enjoy somewhere else. 
Before we left the city, we went back to DS Tactical (I know, I know, spending monies like its going out of style), but since we are in the city, I want to be sure there wasn't anything awesome we were going to miss out on. 

We also checked out a few more of the gun stores in the city, places that had closed the day before. I finally got to see Lever Arms, nice store, good selection of Nagants and SVT-40's...I'm still looking to bring something back from this vacation..what to buy...what to buy! 

Our last stop before heading to the mountains was back at the Central City Brew Pub, I wanted another glass of their beer from tap, I had the Session IPA, it's a very light beer and very enjoyable. Again, the food was superb and the service fantastic! I picked up a little red racer swag, some pint glasses and a shirts, as well as two growlers of beer. A Growler if you're never seen one before is basically 4 pints of a delicious liquid heaven.

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day_8 (29)

We're in Vancouver today exploring the scene, we went out to DS Tactical and spent a bit of money there on making myself look tacticool, some magazine pouches, and accessories for my load out. I don't think I've posted any pictures yet of my Plate Carrier, I will when I get the chance. 

After Visiting DS Tactical (the stores is amazing by the way), we went to Warriors and Wonders, we looked at the knives they had, I ended up buying myself a Benchmade Osborne Barrage, it's a spring assisted knife (which are legal in Canada) and a few rescue hooks, the nice thing about a rescue hook is it cuts cleanly through fabric and rope. I'm going to be keeping it in my truck with my everyday carry bag, I want to be sure if I ever have to cut a seat belt I can.

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day_7 (15)

We're back in Canada, the plan to spend the night in Seattle fell through. We couldn't find a hotel room, and instead of struggling to run around the city to find one. We just headed north to the border. It was a bit of a pain in the ass getting back into Canada, but more on that later. 

We started the day in Portland, and after last nights delicious Reggie Deluxe, I (we) wanted another one. So Roland and I headed back to Pine State Biscuits and to our disappointment, the line up was huge! Right around the block, people were lining up, but then again, I can't blame them, the gravy alone is delicious enough to drink. So instead of a biscuit for breakfast, we opted for donuts. 

We stumbled into a little shop, that we read about...Pip's Original Donuts, they're little bit sized morsels of heaven. They offered three flavours to choose from, Cinnamon and Sugar, Honey and Sea Salt, Nutella and Sea Salt. Being the connoisseurs that we are, we ordered one dozen of each flavour....each. Yes that's right, we each ordered 36 bite sized donuts and hot damn, were they ever delicious! I found the Cinnamon and Sugar to be the most balanced of the three, the others being just a little too sweet / salty.  

I ordered an Americano to help get me through the day, and Roland wisely ordered a scoop of Caramelized Banana ice cream....I f'd up... I should have gotten a scoop as well. After leaving Pips, we drove to Voodoo Donuts, yes...I wanted more donuts. But after getting downtown Portland to the store and seeing the line up, we gave up and headed out of the city.

Our next stop was Mount St Helen's.

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The drive from Idaho Falls towards Portland Oregon was amazing, I've done a similar drive in the past along the Columbia river (last year with my Brothers on the way into Seattle), but this year I went further south. The scenery didn't disappoint! The Columbia river snakes through a valley on the way to the Pacific Ocean, with each twist and turn, you see a bit more of the river. 

We made it safely into Portland and was able to find a hotel for the night, so far the system of Roland gets the first one, then I get the second one, seems to be working fine, other then the small room in Rapid City, most of the hotels have been pretty good.