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day_5 (722)

After an eventful site seeing Day Four, today we're drove through Rural Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming is an amazing state, vast open spaces, great plains, hills, mountains, untamed beauty. One of the great things about Rural America (and Rural Canada) we spotted a couple of guys on the side of the road sighting in their rifle. Watching guys do a little bench shooting is well Freedom!

We made it to Yellowstone and driving through the park was awesome! I could spend a few lines writing out what was seen, but I'll leave it up to the pictures. We came to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful, all my life I wanted to come down here and watch the eruption, here's a video of the awesome force of nature.

My only regret about Yellowstone, was running out of gas, physically...not fuel wise. I wish I could have walked around the park more, explore all of it's sights. Here's some more video of the park

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day_4 (2)

Today started off by walking over to First Guns to check it out,'s frustrating to see all of the awesome toys on the shelf. If only our laws weren't so bad. I would love to buy an AK. I was chatting with one of the owners there for a while, he was asking about our laws up in Canada, and how it works for us Canadians if we decide to purchase a gun.

During our conversation a Lady walked in, and within 30 minutes was able to walk out of the store with a handgun, carried concealed. The fastest transfer I've had in Ontario was a week, bloody laws getting in the way of purchasing new toys.

After spending a bit of time and money at First Guns (buying items that are legal to take out of the USofA, like paper targets and such), we hoped back into the truck and made the hour or so drive down to Mount Rushmore. What an experience it was driving up to the Mount, seeing the first glimpse of Washington and Jefferson carved into the mountain side. 

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day_3 001

Today I was hoping to put hundreds of miles ahead of us today and get us as close to Mount Rushmore, that way we make our road marker for the day. However, I fell way short of the goal, it didn't help that we were always stopping at either a Bass Pro or Cabela's to wander the store and admire all the amazing guns that we would love to buy in Canada, but can't.

I still can't get over how friendly our cousins to the south are, when I was at Cabela's in Mitchell South Dakota and had a long conversation with a couple of staffers there. They could hear by the twang in my voice that I'm from out of town, out of state. It was nice swapping stories and getting to know a bit more about the way of life in South Dakota.

Roland and I crossed another mighty river today, we passed over the Missouri river on our way to Wyoming. One of the things to note in South Dakota, is every couple of miles you see some mile marker that letting you know about an upcoming store or restaurant to try. We kept seeing a signage for Wall Drug, it's kind of a like an Honest Eds, another mile marker that kept catching our attention was Firehouse Brewing Co in Rapid City. I guess the marketing worked, because we ended up eating there.

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day_2 016

We left Chicago today, but not before stopping off and checking out Binny's liquor store. I can't get over how we're screwed by the LCBO and the government of Ontario's liquor control mandate......We were at Binny's for almost 1 1/2 hours, it took forever to walk through the store and take in the sights, there was hundreds of bottles of beers and liquor that I would love to buy, but I have to save my money for the rest of the road trip.

Before heading north of the City, we stopped off at Bop'n'Grill. It's a Korean burger fusion place, and wow! I ordered the Umami, it's a truffled mushroom duxelle, sun-dried tomato confit, togarashi mayo, bacon, smoked gouda......oh's one of the best burgers I've ever had. I screwed up and should have ordered two of them! 

We drove north through the state of Illinois on the I-90, the roads are terrible.....we drove towards South Dakota, and as we crossed the Mighty Mississippi, what a spectacular view, being able go across a river that runs north of the 49th all the way down to the gulf. The thousands of explores that have come before us. We made it as far as Sioux Falls, South Dakota for tonight, a little bit less then I was hoping to make it, but it's time for beer and pizza. What this road trip was all about.

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day 1 002

After my Road Trip last year with my Brothers, I can't get enough of cross country exploration. I spent the last few months chatting with my buddy Roland to convince him to join me for this years Road Trip. We discussed for a while, where and what we'll see and do. We've narrowed our plan down to take us from Mississauga (Where I am), to Portland, to Vancouver and back. We're planning on making stops at Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Yellowstone and whatever else we discover along our way. 

For Day One we drove from the Greater Toronto Area to Chicago, the Windy city is nice (at least the part we're in), just off the magnificent mile. We left the GTA early, I picked up Roland around 4 am, we drove from the morning into the early afternoon to Chicago. We made a couple of stops along the way to ensure that I wasn't being over taxed on day one of the drive. One of the things Roland and I are doing, is making sure we stop off at some of the sporting good stores, as well as liquor stores along the way. This trip is about having a good time, and drinking as much beer as possible.

As the names suggests here is a video of our great western road trip of 2012. 

I made the video using my Go Pro Hero 2 and taking a video every 30 seconds. The video covers most of the 12,000 Km+ drive. 

There is some pics missing, but all in all it's a cool video to watch