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Day-03 (11)

Day three and we left probably the shadiest hotel I've ever stayed at, during the night I thought the hotel manager was going to break in and do things......well it wasn't the greatest hotel in the world.

We left Long Lac, grabbed a coffee and continued on our journey, we made the usual stops long the way at any places worth taking in the scenery, Lake Nipagon, Thunder Bay, The Terry Fox Memorial, Kakabeka Falls, the Time Zone Change and a few other.

I was really hoping to make it out of the province today, but we only got as far as Kenora. It seems to be a bit of a Northern Ontario party town. Each day gets a but further west, tomorrow out of the Province or bust!

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It's day 2 of the big move, we've left Huntsville and continued along Hwy 11 up through northern Ontario, it's the first time I've ever been up this way before, and it's nice. Not too much to see in the way of development on the road, but there is a lot of natural surroundings to admire....that's when I'm not taking my eyes off the road.

We continued along as far as well could, my Brother Jonathan has been riding shotgun with me so far, Paul is with Jay in the U-Haul....and Benjie the dog.

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My Uncle Jay has decided to move out west, he will be moving to a town north of Calgary called Lacombe.

My brothers and I have volunteered to help Jay, Cindy and Jesse pack up all their belongings, load up the truck and drive out west with him.

Before heading out on the road, we spent a couple of days packing up all of their belongs (and Jay's Garage.....I've never seen so much stuff).

I'm about to hit the big 30, so to celebrate I'm going to stock up on a bunch of beverages for the party.

I can't believe I'm going to to be 30...I guess I'm over the first hump.

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My co-workers and I went camping at Arrowhead provincial park this month (it's become an annual tradition) and a great time was had by all.

The weather wasn't too bad, the food was amazing and I was finally able to get out and try fishing for the first time.