And we're back into Ontario.

It's been a lot of driving and we're finally back in our home province, but not in the Eastern time zone yet. I think people still have a hard time fathoming just how big Ontario...make that Canada is. You can drive for 12 ~ 16 hours a day and only cross a portion of the country. It feels good knowing in a day or two, we'll be back home in the GTA, I'm starting to miss the comfort of my bed and it will be nice to see my family.

Sadly, we didn't back track to Regina today, I felt bad for not stopping in and seeing Bill, but I had a goal of making it into Ontario tonight and if we had, for sure we would have been camping out in Manitoba for the evening. I'm sure he'll understand and I promise next year to stop by and pay him a visit. If he doesn't mind, maybe I'll stay for a week or so.

On our drive back east, we made an important stop today, we finally got to visit Wolverine Supplies. They're located near Virden, Manitoba, a less then an hours drive into the province (coming east from Saskatchewan). I didn't end up buying much, a couple of magazines and a crate of Czech surplus 7.62x39, I'm starting to run dangerously low on funds, at this rate, I'll have to start doing OT when I get back to work. 

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Roland splurged a bit more then I did, he bought some mags, ammo, as well as some optics.

Like all good things.....our Road Trip is getting closer to coming to an end.

Today Roland and I left my families place in Lacombe to start the long drive back to Ontario. Before heading back east we stopped in at my families new place, which is just starting to be built. My uncle mentioned they're way behind schedule, but the layout of the house (from peering outside) and the view from the backyard of a small lack, it's going to look nice when it's done.

I was hoping to stop by my Cousin's place in Moose Jaw on the way back out. But the route we took, had us drive from Lacombe to Saskatoon to Regina. By the time we got into Regina it was way to late to back track to Moose Jaw. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

I wouldn't mind seeing Bill, we saw him last year for a bit and stopping in for an hour would be nice before we head back to Ontario. Not much to report during the drive, the roads were clear good weather, but at night it does get dark.

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The open prairies do make for some spectacular photos.

We were back down in Calgary today to check out Calgary Shooting Center.

My cousin Jessie, Uncle Jay, Roland and I, decided to try out a couple of the prohib rifles that Calgary Shooting Center allows you to rent.

We rented a British L1A1 FAL, HK MP5, and my uncle tested out a Side by Side rifle in 470 Nitro Express. What a day!

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It was an amazing day, the FAL is sweet rifle. Being able able to shoot it with a standard capacity magazine was fantastic!

Day 13 for our road trip was pretty much a right off, nearly two weeks of driving it was nice to be stationary for a day

We chilled at my families place in Lacombe all day, and went on small junkets around the town, mostly check out some Alberta liquor stores and enjoyed a bunch of beers.

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For Day 14,  Roland, my cousin Jesse and I, went up to Edmonton to do a little shopping...well mostly looking at gun stores and grabbing a bite to eat. We checked out P&D Enterprise, Milarm, Wild West gun shop (in West Edmonton Mall), it's always fun checking out gun shops 

We're on our way out of Calgary today, I promised my uncle Jay that I would come up to visit him in Lacombe (a few hours north of Calgary). 

The plan is Roland and I would use my Uncle's place as a base of operations for day trips back to Calgary, Edmonton and any of the other cities around the area. 

Being able to hang out with my cousin Jessie and crash at my Uncle's place is nice, a few night's there really saves on the trip budget. At the rate I'm spending money I may need to sell a kidney (joking...kind of). Before we left Calgary to head up to Lacombe, Roland and I decided to check out a breakfast spot that was recommended by Kiera. 

The Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus, it's hard to describe what they are. It's kind of a mix between a crepe, pancake and pizza..depending on the toppings you decide to add. I can tell you this, it's 100% delicious!!!!! 

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